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IMF Analyser

IMF Analyser

The analysis software for in-depth validation of your IMF packages regarding completeness and standard conformance

The IMF Analyser software can easily be integrated into your workflows and products by using the provided DLL interfaces.

Each single obtained workplace licence entitles you to install the IMF Analyser on one of your workplace computers, and to use the IMF Analyser solely for non-commercially testing IMF-files. Workplace licences may be used by different end-users one after the other. The use of the IMF Analyser in the frame of paid-for test and/or analysis services, as well as on a server with remote access, including without limitation the provision of associated cloud and SaaS (software as a service) services, requires a special licence from IRT (please contact us for further information).

Scope of Delivery
PC software including quick guide in English; licence key (electronic delivery)

Software Maintenance and Support
The offered licences comprise software maintenance and support for the first 365 days upon reception of the licence key. The software maintenance includes all software updates, including any new software features, released during aforementioned period. Upon expiration of any maintenance and support period, the last software version can be used indefinitely further on, however, you cannot install/use any new updates to the software.

Software maintenance and support packets
We offer to obtain optional additional software maintenance and support packages. These comprise during their term (i) limited email and phone support concerning installation and use of the covered product; further support, training, and consulting is offered at an additional charge; and (ii) all patches, updates and upgrades of the covered product released during the package term (IRT will keep you informed accordingly).
(at present, not yet obtainable via the webshop; current 365-day fee per each workplace licence: € 900. Please contact us in case you want to purchase already now maintenance and support which goes beyond the initial 365-day period)


This product is an upgrade. Please enter here your licence key of your
existing licence in order to verify whether you are entitled to purchase.

IMF Analyser    
First workplace licence (1 instance):     4.900,00 EUR
Each consecutive workplace licence (1 instance):     4.200,00 EUR

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Stefan Schneiders
Tel. +49 (0)89 32399-300
Franz-Josef Lehbruner
Tel. +49 (0)89 32399-300
Martina Nachlinger
Tel. +49 (0)89 32399-300