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MXF Test File Set

MXF Test File Set, golden files

With the MXF test file set of IRT you can test your MXF equipment against the HDF profiles of the public German broadcasters ARD and ZDF. Each file is conform to one of the six ARD/ZDF profiles (“golden files”).

We offer a set of well-documented test files - three of them are available for your evaluation at

Scope of Delivery, Delivery method
The delivery of the MXF test file set comprises MXF test files incl. documentation of each file (currently 26). The essence length is 25 seconds or 2 minutes. The file size varies between 180 MByte and 2 GByte. Delivery is performed solely via electronic download (you’ll receive a respective registration link in the frame of the confirmation email to your order).

Licence Rights, Warranty/Liability
The licence obtained on the MXF test file set entitles you to use the test files solely within your own company/entity for the testing of MXF products. Using the test files in the frame of paid-for test or analysis services requires a special licence from IRT (please contact us for further information).

Although the MXF test files were created with utmost care, they are still provided solely "as is". IRT warrants neither the suitability of the test files for your purposes nor any results you can achieve with the help of these. As far as not prohibited by law, IRT’s liability is excluded.

This product is an upgrade. Please enter here your licence key of your
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MXF Test File Set, golden files    
Price per licence:  800,00 EUR

Here you can see the product sheet of the MXF Test File Set.